15 years of Bøgelund-Jensen

This Friday we are celebrating the brand's birthday with bubbly, beautiful clothes and special discounts. We are offering 15% off everything as well as a 15% discount on future bookings, which are booked before 26th of November at 23:59.

Come join us:
Friday 26th November 16 — 20
Strandvejen 59- 2nd floor - 2100 Copenhagen Ø

We would love to see you there, as it has been an incredible journey. It has been 15 years with wonderful women, good laughs, and important conversations in the atelier. We are so grateful to all of you!

Since it's our birthday we felt it would be nice to reflect on the past and how it all began. So we sat down to have a chat with Signe. 

How did you started your atelier and the brand?

I had always wanted to have my own company and it started during quite a chaotic time in my life. I had my two girls and had just gone through a divorce and was coming back from Paris and LA with no clue what I was going to do and everything was rather all over the place. But after turning down an offer from Moschino in Milan, Sabine Popupinel, (a designer´s shop in Copenhagen) asked me to make her a dress to have in their windows. So I made the knot dress and in just a few days there were too many orders for me to process, so I hired my tailor and that was the beginning. So on the 26th of November 2006 I decided to start Bøgelund-Jensen. I started my Atelier at home so I could pick up my girls from kindergarten and continue with work after I had tucked them in, and I have stayed at home all this time as it is perfect for me to be able to work where my ideas pop up and can easily be executed no matter what hour they come to me.

Who is the Bøgelund-Jensen women?

She is a confident and charismatic independent thinker and she is very devoted to her job whether it's working for others or having her own business. She has a lot of power, and is driven to do good and innovate where ever possible. She may sometimes get lost in the competitive world because she works mostly in male dominated environments and can sometimes feel she needs to prove herself to extremes and can lose focus of her femininity. And that's when she comes to me to regain her focus on her female side and her power to feel like a whole person who can go out in the world and do what she needs to do and work on whatever projects and courses she is passionate about. 


What is your main source of inspiration when designing?

I have a lot of ideas flying around in my head all the time, It can be a bird flying by creating a shadow on the chair I am sitting on- or a girl’s coat caught by the wind. And then I create themes- time waves and emotions that I narrow down to keep my mind focused and funnelling all my best ideas into what I call my archetypal pieces.

Talk us through your creative process!

Once I’ve chosen my theme that I feel I can expand and develop something new from, I take it and narrow it down and find something that I can use to symbolise my thoughts from. I really research and dig into my theme deeply and I try to see it from a different perspective to others. Then I decide how I’m going to portray this theme looking into my lines, shapes and feelings and then I will start designing. It's a long process but after it I feel I come up with things that are unique but timeless. I want my clothes to be relevant and contemporary but in a way that they can be used for years ahead and that is my kind of sustainability.

What has been your favourite item ever from Bøgelund-Jensen?

Ohh that's difficult but I think the Super Classico, because that is the essence of elegance and simplicity. Also because it emphasises the female body very well, and gets out the best of the wearer.  Either that or the Star dress which does the same but on a more corporate level. But It's difficult- they are all my babies and  each of them has their own charm and strength for different occasions and purposes- so just to take these 2 because they are the simplest of all -is not fair of me.

What is the main highlight for you from the last 15 years?

My customers! I love my customers. I didn't expect that when I started. Seeing their big smiles and happiness, the confidence they feel in my clothes. It's a really hard job and when I have a rubbish day and I get a really happy customer - then it's all worth it.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Signe, and that it gave you more of an insight into the Bøgelung-Jensen brand story!

Thank you again to all of you wonderful customers, we are so grateful to every single one of you. Here’s to 15 more amazing years!