About us


A timeless fashion label born out of Copenhgen, designing custom made - ready to wear clothing for the most powerful women. Each piece is unique and made for the individual.

Experimental Timeless

Experimental Timeless are the defining keywords for Bøgelund-Jensen’s design. Our styles celebrate the female silhouette. Casual, beautiful and sophisticated.

Our approach to fashion is sculptural. All our styles come to life on the tailor’s mannequins in the atelier. We apply details and techniques with the same rigor as the grand masters of the past.

We want to express beauty with an edge – like a modern rebellion smoldering under an apparent simplicity.
To the modern woman

Bøgelund-Jensen is addressed to the modern woman. Attention to form, detail, and the usage of comfortable and luxurious fabrics give the brand a personal and unique style with edge and elegance.

The collections are limited and are a mergence of traditional tailoring and contemporary design.